Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Unethical Journal Retraction Fuels Mistrust in GMO Science

by Dr. Mercola 

Last year, the first-ever lifetime feeding study assessing the health risks of genetically engineered Roundup Ready corn was published. Last month, Food and Chemical Toxicology retracted the study saying it “did not meet scientific standards.

While no errors or misrepresentation of data were found, the journal stated the study had too small a sample size to make any definite conclusion about health effects. This is in clear violation of retraction guidelines for scientific publishing.

Earlier this year, the publisher created a brand new editorial position, Associate Editor for Biotechnology Richard E. Goodman, a former Monsanto scientist got the job.

The bizarre justification for retracting the feeding study is enough to indicate that “corporate terrorism” has seized the field and is actively undermining science as we know it. 

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