Tuesday, June 17, 2014

If diet and exercise is so important . . . .

it's about prevention

"Why is "diet and exercise" always part of the rehab procedure
AFTER a diagnosis, or recovering from a major illness?" 

"Why do most pharmaceutical drugs include the fine print disclaimer:
 "if combined with a proper diet and exercise?" 
(it usually appears right before the list of it's deadly side effects). .......

If diet and exercise is so important AFTER being cut, poisoned or burned, 
why not go there FIRST and eliminate the middle men?

This is the message of BIKE SATURDAYS.
Join us on the Whitefish Trail, Saturday June 21


This how naive we've become about the cause and effect of cancer and how corporate "pink washing" has taken over at the expense of women with breast cancer.

KFC Chicken is a major sponsor of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Raising money in the name of breast cancer research, while engaged in a partnership with a corporation that may very well be contributing to this disease, is pinkwashing at it's best. -- Think Before You Pink



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