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Friday, August 15, 2014

Diet Soda Disaster

 An industry-funded study claims that diet soda drinkers lose weight faster than those who don’t drink ANY soda at all

The study comes on the heels of rapid reductions in diet soda sales. Last year, diet Coke and diet Pepsi both dropped by nearly seven percent

Research over the last 30 years has repeatedly shown that artificially sweetened no- or low-calorie drinks and other “diet” foods tend to stimulate your appetite, increase cravings for carbs, and stimulate fat storage and weight gain

Studies have also linked diet drinks and artificial sweeteners to a number of other, more serious health hazards, including increased risk of stroke and cancer

Artificial sweeteners trick your body into thinking that it’s going to receive sugar (calories), but when the sugar doesn’t arrive, your body signals that it needs more, which results in carb cravings. 

Read the entire article from the August 15, 2014 Dr. Mercola newsletter. Click HERE

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