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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What If Cancer Simply Can't Be Cured?

 In  USA TODAY an article appeared, "What If Cancer Simply Can't Be Cured."

Over the past 10 years we've featured many articles about cancer, it's cures, the fraud involved and many other aspects of this deadly disease. It seems like the medical profession and the cancer research institutions are hell bent in finding a cure simply through chemistry. And most of us agree the reason for that is because of the buck$. We very rarely hear anything from the medical side or big pharma that changing our lifestyle, eating a proper diet and doing a little exercise might go along way in preventing, not only cancer but many catastrophic diseases. 

During this 10 period of following the growing cancer epidemic, we've heard many documented stories from cancer patients who were given the standard "X amount of time to live story," which usually came after the chemo, after radiation, after surgery and after their money ran out.

Instead many decided to fore-go that memo and took their life into their own hands and did what they wished they would have done to begin with: Radically change their lifestyle from eating the processed crap and sugar they have been filtering through their body forever and finding alternative and common sense ways of putting off the X factor.

It would be nice if every once in awhile an uplifting and positive article leaked into the mainstream media that gave another perspective to the nightly news mayhem.

Read the USA TODAY article. It has some interesting points and be sure to read some of the comments from the readers. And post your own thoughts.


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