Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump signs bill undoing Obama coal mining rule

This is not good for sportsman, fisherman, hunters and all other life forms

Blowing off a mountain top to extract coal is a common practice in the Eastern states coal mining areas

Outdoor recreational sports is huge part of our economy and plays a big part in our mental and physical well being.
They allow us to take roads less traveled and explore backcountry trails and waterways to places we've never heard of. They help us unwind, reconnect, refocus mentally and physically. Most people agree that our health is the most important thing we have, and without a healthy, clean environment there's no point worrying about whatever's next.

However, our new administration doesn't think so. They feel the environment is overrated and not as important as profits.

Poisoned stream near coal mine in West Virginia. Dead
Coal is the dirtiest, most toxic form of energy. Even a coal industry spokesman has come out and said, "coal is dead" and will not be coming back.

However, President Trump just signed legislation ending a key Obama administration coal mining rule. The bill quashes the Office of Surface Mining's Stream Protection Rule, a regulation to protect waterways from coal mining waste.

Last week, in our Alternatives Magazine Newsletter, we featured Woody Harrelson's' plan about how to get the attention of our politicians and mega corporations. He said in his video, "the minute we stop supportlng these companies and buying these products, all of the politicians and corporations will know that we have woken up to the truth and that we refuse to support their agenda." View >>

The massive outdoor recreation industry could play a big role in stopping this insanityWhat do you think? READ Trump Signing >>


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